My name is Marc Young. I’m an artist and Illustrator from Los Angeles, California.

My work is all about experimenting with and exploring art, illustration and design. I try to focus on creating images that may not always tell a specific story but do offer the viewer a starting point for interaction.

I find variation in art can be a good thing. Character design, fashion illustration, product design, caricature, comic art and fine art can all meet and reconcile at varying points along this continuum.

Many of my works tend to retain a certain sketchy quality while others focus on minimal lines or abstraction. It all depends on the mood I’m going for.

I create in both digital as well as traditional mediums though my primary focus at present is digital work. I really enjoy the flexibility and largely unlimited potential the medium provides.

I hope you find my work compelling or at least interesting and maybe just a bit entertaining… 😉

Creative Exploration!